Carpathia III: Episode 130: He's Coming


As Toma cradled Jaze's body in his arms, he did not notice the sound of running footsteps approaching from behind. He wouldn't have cared if it were another Nekramentian bent on killing him. His only thoughts were of Jaze.

Fortunately, it was Ryuu who landed nearby.

Ryuu: Artemis is here!

At the same moment, Artemis came skidding to a halt next to Jaze and Toma, followed closely by Adell and Kagurain.

Artemis: Back up! Let me see what I can do!

Though loathe to reliquish Jaze's body, Toma had faint hope that Artemis could help. Toma gently laid Jaze's body on the ground and scooted away. The moment that Toma was clear, Artemis placed his hands on Jaze's chest.

Nothing happened.

No glow emanated from Artemis's hands. No healing occurred. Everyone's hearts felt like stopping and none moreso than Toma's as Artemis frantically moved his hands all over Jaze's chest.

Artemis: No heartbeat. There's no hearbeat! I can't do anything without a heart...

Artemis suddenly paused and glared wide-eyed at Kagurain.

Artemis: ...beat.

Artemis hastily scooted away, waving at the others to do the same.

Artemis: Back up! Back up! Kagurain, shock him!

Kagurain's face glazed over as though his own brain suddenly shut down from an overload.

Kagurain: Do... what?

Artemis impatiently pounded his hands on the ground.

Artemis: Do it now! Give him everything you've got!

Kagurain, though confused, could not mistake the urgency in Artemis's voice and demeanor and did what he was told. Kagurain touched his fingertips together and created a spark, which widened into an arc as he raised his hands over his head.

With a swift, fluid motion, Kagurain thrust his hands down and electricity flowed from his body and into Jaze. The others watched both in horror and hope as Jaze's body spasmed from the jolt.

Artemis: Okay, that's enough!

Kagurain pulled his hands away and the electricity ceased. Artemis placed his hands on Jaze's chest again, but still nothing happened. Not wasting any time, Artemis backed away quickly.

Artemis: Again!

Again, Kagurain obeyed, charging up his electric attack and pelting Jaze with as much force as he could muster. This lasted a few seconds before Kagurain could carry on no more. Suddenly, the electric charge left his fingers and Kagurain fell backward, panting heavily.

Kagurain: That's everything I have.

Before Kagurain even finished speaking, Artemis was already moving on Jaze. Again, he placed his hands on Jaze's chest and this time, something happened. The green glow, the signature of Artemis's healing power, now emanated from his hands and spread all around Jaze's body.

Artemis: I got a heartbeat!

Everyone watched with renewed hope as the bullets slowly wriggled their way out of the holes in Jaze's body and plopped to the ground, the holes closing up behind them. Almost imperceptibly, Jaze's chest began to rise and fall as he began breathing. Artemis exhaled as though he'd been holding his breath and removed his hands from Jaze's chest.

Artemis: That's as much as I can do. He's healed, but he has lost blood and I can't put food and water in him. Someone needs to take him back to the village.

Without hesitation, Toma stepped forward.

Toma: I'll do it.

Toma kneeled next to Jaze and then looked up to the sky.

Toma: I can find my way. It looks like the sand is clearing. I can almost see the sky.

Adell: Are you sure you can carry him all that way?

Toma: No problem.

Toma gently slid his hands under Jaze. Soon, both Toma's and Jaze's clothes began to flutter as the wind enveloped both of their bodies. Toma then stood, picking up Jaze as though he were little more than a pillow.

Toma: Hurry back.

Toma dashed away in a blinding sprint, each step propelling him forward several yards, not unlike what they would imagine a wild bunny might look like at full speed. As Toma left, Azrael and Kaoru sprinted toward the remaining group.

Kaoru: What happened? Is everything okay?

Artemis: Jaze died, but with Kagurain's help, we could bring him back. Toma is taking him back to the village now.

Kaoru clutched his heart for a moment before breathing a sigh of relief.

Kaoru: Jeez, you scared me for a minute there! Anyway, I'm glad he's okay. Azrael and I found each other and when the sand started clearing, we started rounding up the stragglers. They're all in the rock circle that Adell made.

Adell: Now we just have to get all these kids back to...

Before Adell could finish his sentence, Azrael suddenly grabbed Artemis by his shoulders and glared at him sternly.

Azrael: Master Artemis, did you say that Jaze died?

Momentarily taken aback, Artemis hesitated before answering.

Azrael: Um... yeah, but don't worry. Jaze is going to be fine.

Rather than relaxing, Azrael's expression only became more intense.

Azrael: You don't understand! Wishmaster thinks that Jaze has all of Hades's power! If he thinks Jaze is dead, then...

Azrael didn't need to finish his sentence for the horror of this epiphany to set in amongst the others. Before they could react, however, Keast landed nearby, panting heavily.

Keast: Sorry, I couldn't find you until the sand cleared!

Keast took two more deep breaths before continuing.

Keast: He's coming.

As if to put an exclamation mark on Keast's statement, the ground suddenly shook for a moment, as though a mighty giant were nearby and very miffed. Adell uttered a single word under his breath that summarized everyone's feelings at that moment.

Adell: Fuck.

Commissioned art in this episode from:
Atomic Clover

All city pictures from SimCity 4

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