Who are you?

I'm not going to get into great detail about my bio. Let's just say I am a gay male and this the story that I want to share.

What is this?

Carpathia III is an online web series featuring a predominantly gay main cast of characters. Set over 200 years in the future, the story follows five young people and one dragon and their efforts to survive on the despotic, desert moon of Yseri. The format will be something that I like to call "comic script" style.

Why are you doing this?

To put it simply, a hero's journey adventure featuring gay characters is something I've always wanted to see. As far as I know, none exist, so I'm making my own.

Ooo, is it yaoi?

Sort of. Think something along the lines of Gravitation or Our Kingdom. The characters are gay and relationships are portrayed. While sex won't be explicit, it will be obvious when it occurs. There are three reasons for this. First, the internet is overflowing with explicit yaoi. There's no need for me to throw another grain of sand on that pile. Second, such scenes tend to take up a large chunk of the narrative and I don't want to distract from the main purpose. Finally, I want to make sure this story is accessible to a broader audience. If it were a movie, it would probably be rated R.

Awww... Will there at least be some nudity?

On this site, no, but those sorts of pictures do exist and I will be maintaining a Tumblr to show those.

Well, that's good! So, it's called Carpathia III? Where are the first two?

Written, done, and terrible. :) Okay, Carpathia II isn't that bad, but it is something that will require a massive rewrite if it's ever going to be put in public. I may do that someday. Carpathia I wasn't even supposed to exist. I have thrown that out entirely.

But don't I need to know the other two to understand this?

Not at all! Carpathia III takes place in the same story universe as the first two, but 99% of the characters are entirely unique to this story. It easily stands by itself.

Cool. Okay, I noticed in the Stories dropdown that there are short stories involved. What's that about?

Good question. Consider the short stories a prelude. Each one is complete with its own self-contained plot. Their purpose is to allow you, the reader, to get to know the characters in their own environment before I throw them into the main plot.

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