Profile - Toma Lapin

Name: Toma Lapin
Age: 17
Species: Tokki
Sexuality: Whatever
Commissioned from: Miyuli (top) and Ensoul (bottom)

Profile: Toma is the son of the Tokkastrian ambassador to New Carpathia. He has eight brothers and two sisters, all of whom, including Toma, were born at the same time. Toma was chosen by his father out of all his brothers and sisters to come to New Carpathia as an exchange student because he wasn't fitting into his own culture very well. His gold eyes are extremely rare amongst tokki and he is, in fact, only the 26th tokki in recorded history to have them. This has made him somewhat of a minor celebrity on Tokkastria, a status which Toma absolutely detests.

For more information about the tokki, visit the Species Page.

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