A brief history of Carpathia

1984 - Berengaria declares independence from the USA. This is also known as New Era 1 (N.E. 1) on Carpathia.

1989 (N.E. 7) - The portal gate is discovered to a new planet. They name it New Berengaria and find an abandoned, space-faring civilization.

1990 (N.E. 8) - Berengaria starts recruiting scientists and engineers from other nations. They claim the reason is to build an advanced observatory, but the real reason is to investigate the technology on the new planet. They begin building new roads and buildings on New Berengaria.

1990 - 2012 (N.E. 8 - 29) - At the beginning, Berengaria imported lots of building material for the new planet. As time went on and infrastructure was established on New Berengaria, they imported less. Their school system was changed to encourage more people to study science and engineering.

2012 (N.E. 29) - Other Earth nations now know about the gate and plan to invade Berengaria. Most Berengarians leave through the gate to New Berengaria and blow up the Earth side of the gate. Many must live in temporary housing since there isn't enough space for all 3 million people.

2012 - 2015 (N.E.29 - 32) - First Constitutional Convention. The government is established. The country is named "The New Carpathia Confederation of Planets," which most people just call "Carpathia." They establish the capital city at Carpathia City.

2017 (N.E. 34) - First flight of a Carpathian-built spaceship. Exploration begins.

2023 (N.E. 40) - The last Carpathian living in temporary housing finally has a permanent home. The Carpathian space program continues to develop rapidly. Ships are getting bigger and more advanced. Carpathia is building 7 to 9 per year.

2034 - (N.E. 51) - Carpathia seeks to grow its population with not only scientists, but others as well. They begin using their spaceships to travel to Earth and secretly recruit talented scientists, artists, educators, architects, etc. In Carpathia, government policies are created to encourage people to have many children.

2070 (N.E. 87) - Second Constitutional Convention. Carpathians are tired of their slow-moving and constantly-changing government. They restructure the government with a new system with a leader called "Lord" or "Lady."

2082 (N.E. 99) - Carpathians discover their first habitable planet, Andrast. They also find a species living there known as the Nekomi, who have space technology but don't explore. They are focused on finding a cure for a disease that's making them sterile.

2083 (N.E. 100) - Centennial celebration

2084 (N.E. 101) - The nekomi give their permission for Carpathia to build a city on Andrast. The Nekomi ask, in return, for Carpathia to help them find a cure for their disease. (The disease does not affect humans.)

2085 (N.E. 102) - Official diplomatic relations are established between Carpathia and Nekominkoku. It is the first official relationship between species in that area of the galaxy in many hundreds of years.

2091 (N.E. 108) - Terraforming of Venus begins. Massive reflectors are constructed to control day/night cycles.

2124 - (N.E. 141) - The last nekomi is born, a girl named Asta. The nekomi population is declining rapidly.

2135 (N.E. 152) - Terraforming of Venus is completed.

2139 (N.E. 156) - Carpathian recruitment of specialists from Earth ends.

2146 (N.E. 163) - Veritas Fox becomes Lord at the age of 22 after the death of his uncle.

2148 (N.E. 165) - Lord Veritas is overthrown on New Berengaria. He flees to the secondary capital on Andrast and establishes a government in exile.

2149 (N.E. 166) - A partial cure for the nekomi is created, allowing them to produce children with non-nekomi species, but not with two nekomi. Nekominkoku and the exiled Carpathian government agree to become one nation.

2150 (N.E. 167) - Vincent deBeauvoir establishes himself as emperor of New Berengaria.

2151 (N.E. 168) - Lord Veritas meets the Tokki for the first time.

2152 (N.E. 169) - The New Berengarian Empire comes to an end at the Battle of New Berengaria. Reconstruction begins.

2153 (N.E. 170) - Third Constitutional Convention. The constitution is altered to make sure nothing like Emperor Vincent ever happens again.

2155 (N.E. 172) - Trade relations between Carpathia and Tokkastra are established. Apple industry booms.

2158 (N.E. 175) - Lynx Leonar becomes the first nekomi Lord of Carpathia.

2164 (N.E. 181) - Two of Lord Lynx's sons, Rhoskel (age 6) and Kagurain (age 4) go missing while at summer camp. They are never found.

2171 (N.E. 188) - Carpathia and Tokkastra establish formal diplomatic relations. Shares in apple commodities increase.

2174 (N.E. 191) - The story begins.

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