Carpathia III: Episode 28 - Promotion

Rune Lake, New Berengaria, Jaze's House

Jaze sat on his bed, shirtless, and with his pants unbuttoned and hanging loosely at his waist. Toma leaned into him, stroking his smooth chest as he gently pushed him down.

Toma: Just relax. I'll take care of you.

It was an unusually mild statement that surprised Jaze.

Jaze: You don't have to hold back. My parents won't be home for a few hours at least.

Toma: Your what?

For a moment, Jaze wondered how Toma could even ask such a question. That didn't last long, however, as Toma unzipped his pants and reached inside.

Jaze: Oooohhhh...

Jaze closed his eyes, losing himself in the moment as he reached up and grabbed Toma's pants to return the favor.

Toma: Is that good, Chaos?

Jaze: Wait, what?

Jaze opened his eyes and, after some momentary confusion, suddenly realized where he was.

Jaze looked up and instead of Toma looking down at him, it was Mirage and it was his pants that Jaze was grabbing.

Jaze: GAH!

Jaze yanked his hand away just as he noticed what Mirage was touching.

Jaze: GAH!

Jaze scooted back against the wall and clumsily attempted to cover himself as a confused Mirage looked on.

Jaze: What the hell are you doing?

Mirage: You seemed to be enjoying it.

Jaze: I was asleep, dammit! How could you possibly think I was enjoying it?!

Mirage: Well, you told me not to hold back.

Jaze's memory of the dream was already getting hazy. Regardless, he still had a vague recollection of telling who he thought was Toma not to hold back.

Jaze: I must have been talking in my sleep. Still, that doesn't explain what you're doing in my room!

Mirage crawled onto Jaze's bed. With nowhere else to go, Jaze inched backwards and pressed himself even more tightly against the corner.

Mirage: I want you to be my second in command.

Jaze: You want me... What about Pestilence?

Mirage crawled a bit closer.

Mirage: You think I like having him as my second? You've seen how he is. I want you to replace him.

Jaze was silent, pondering over how he could take advantage of the offer. There was, however, still the question of what any of this had to do with the fact that Mirage was interested in more than just giving Jaze a promotion.

Jaze: Okay, but what does any of this have to do with the fact that I woke up with your hand in my pants?

Mirage: I wanted you to know that I'm serious.

Jaze: I don't get it...

Mirage: It's just assumed that the commander and his second be together. I don't want to be with Pestilence anymore. I want to be with you.

Mirage crawled closer and put his hand on Jaze's bare chest. His face now a mere inches away, he gazed expectantly into Jaze's eyes, awaiting an answer. Jaze did his best to avoid looking directly at him, but with him so close, it was difficult not to look at anything else. His mind raced with possibilities. How he could use the situation to his advantage. How he felt, ethically, about the entire proposal. Normally, he'd have accepted the promotion, and the extra opportunities to figure out how to escape, with little hesitation, but Mirage made it clear that sex was an inextricable part of the deal and he didn't feel comfortable about that.

For a split second, he wondered what Toma would do in the same situation before realizing how stupid it was to even consider the question. Thinking about what Toma would do, however, helped him come to a decision.

Jaze: Okay... I accept.

Jaze braced himself, unsure of how Mirage was going to react, even though it was what he wanted to hear. Mirage smiled just before he leaned in and kissed Jaze full on the mouth.

Kitty: Mew.

Jaze: What was that?

Jaze pushed Mirage away and looked towards the door. It was still open just a crack and he thought he saw something move past it.

Commissioned art in this episode from:

All city pictures from SimCity 4

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