Carpathia III: Epilogue 4 - Lord Lynx

Research Base, New Berengaria

Jaze and Toma were still in the shower even after Kagurain's exam and then Kaoru's. Doctor Nielson pronounced Kaoru in good health, minus one arm, and was now in the middle of examining a somewhat befuddled Quilyon.

Dr. Nielson: My best guess is as much as I can give you. After all, we've never encountered your species before.

Quilyon: That's fine. I don't even know what you're doing anyway.

The doctor waved his scanner around Quilyon's pregnant belly while looking at his display screen. Being very thorough, he lingered for many seconds at different angles as he tapped his screen.

Dr. Nielson: To the best of my knowledge, it seems you have a healthy baby so far. Once you get settled, we can get a more detailed exam and DNA profile so that we can better understand your physiology.

Quilyon arched an eyebrow and looked to Kaoru for guidance.

Kaoru: It's good so far. I'll explain the details later.

Quilyon: If you say so.

The doctor continued examining Quilyon with his scanner, pausing at her head with an expression of great interest.

Dr. Nielson: If this is accurate, you must have astonishing visual and olfactory accuity.

Quilyon: Thanks?

At last, Dr. Nielson put down his scanner.

Dr. Nielson: I don't know if you already know, but if not, would you like to know the sex of your baby?

Quilyon's eyes widened as she turned her gaze to Kaoru, looking for confirmation.

Quilyon: You can do that here?

Kaoru nodded.

Kaoru: Yup. I'm fine to know if you are.

Quilyon: Well, of course I want to know! Who wouldn't?

Doctor Nielson shrugged and tapped some buttons on his console.

Dr. Nielson: Some people want to be surprised, I suppose. Anyway, allow me to be the first to congratulate you. By all indications, you have a healthy baby girl on the way!

Quilyon hopped excitedly from the exam table and hugged Kaoru tightly.

Dr. Nielson: Okay, so, Reuli, right? You're next.

Having watched Quilyon and Kaoru go through their exams, Reuli bounded onto the exam table and flung his shirt off, free of fear that nothing would hurt.

Reuli: I'm ready!

Dr. Nielson smiled and picked up his scanner.

Dr. Nielson: I believe we can remove fatigue from the scan parameters.

The doctor began his scan while Kaoru and Quilyon watched, huddled together with their arms around each other. Slowly, Dr. Nielson's expression turned to one of confusion.

Dr. Nielson: You're sure you're brother and sister?

Kaoru and Quilyon looked at each other and then at the doctor.

Quilyon: Very sure. Why?

Dr. Nielson held the scanner steady at Reuli's chest and studied the readings.

Dr. Nielson: I wouldn't have guessed you were even the same species, looking at this. We're going to have a lot to learn about elves for sure. According to this, Reuli doesn't have nearly the eyesight or sense of smell that you do, but he does appear to have an extra lung and six vocal folds.

Kaoru: That explains the singing.

After spending some time with Reuli and completing his scan, Dr. Nielson entered his information into the database and sent them on their way. Putting on their shirts, they exited the exam room with the shower as the next stop, but they were suddenly struck frozen by a commotion from the doorway.

Lord Lynx: Where is my son?!


Jaze slumped to the floor and pulled his knees close to his chest, attempting to make himself as small as possible. All at once, there was a flurry of activity. Binh jumped up and ran to Lord Lynx, who was now flanked by another nekomi in uniform and another man with long, salt and pepper hair dressed much more like a rock star than a government advisor.

Binh: Lord Lynx, Kagurain is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation and...

Lord Lynx loomed over Binh with his eight-foot frame and narrowed his eyes, cutting him off before he could say another word.

Lord Lynx: I want to see him now!

Fortunately for Binh, who now cowered under Lynx's shadow, the cooler heads around him began to persuade him otherwise.

Admiral Tora: Sir, it would be best, perhaps, if the psychiatrist completed the evaluation and delivered recommendations before seeing him.

Shuichi: For a reunion to go smoothly, that would be best. Every situation is different. Thirteen years is a long time and a few more minutes is time well spent to restart your relationship on the right foot. Believe me, I've seen this dozens of times before.

Lord Lynx swiveled his head back and forth between the Tora and Shuichi as the corner of his mouth twitched. Finally, to the relief of all, he conceeded, but with a low, disgruntled snarl.

Lord Lynx: Very well. I understand there is video of my other son, Rhoskel. I wish to see it.

Binh: Lord Lynx, I would advise against it. The nature of the video is very disturbing and...

Once again, Binh was cut off, this time by a menacing snarl.

Binh: I'll just get that cued up for you, then.

In a flash, Binh disappeared into the room where they had been examining the video while Lynx and his small entourage followed. Meanwhile, Jaze clutched his chest, breathing erratically and talking to himself.

Jaze: Not now... not now... I have to get out of here!

Ryuu frantically looked back and forth between Jaze and Lynx as though he were trying to make a decision. Finally, he touched his hand to Jaze's shoulder.

Ryuu: Sorry, Jaze, but I think I can help more if I go with Lynx now.

With that, Ryuu trotted away to join Lord Lynx while the others looked on and his parents especially seemed very confused.

Elektra: What's happening?

It was the question that Jaze and the others knew was going to come eventually and Jaze, most of all, dreaded it. This, however, was sooner than expected. He was hoping to slowly address what happened on Yseri with Ryuu's help, and now the time was not only here, but the explanation of some of the worst parts would have to be expidited.

Help, however, came from Adell.

Adell: Alright, everyone, we have an emergency situation to deal with, so let's go.

For the first time since Jaze stormed into the base, Jaze looked up to find Adell already guiding his mother to a comfy bench sitting against the far wall.

Elektra: Is there a need for such a fuss?

Adell: I promise this will make sense when we explain.

While Adell helped get Elektra settled, Kaoru began collecting Tier.

Kaoru: Adell is right. This is more important.

To Jaze's amazement, the others continued to arrange his family on the bench like they were living room decorations. When they were done, there was one seat left in the middle between Jaze's mother and father.

Adell: Okay, Jaze, you're in the middle. You don't have to say anything at all. We'll take care of the rest.

Jaze blinked a few times and then simply nodded, grateful, but too stunned to express himself as such. Jaze followed Adell's gentle, guiding hand to his designated position in the middle of the bench while everyone else gathered around.

Adell: Okay, there is going to be a long story to tell, but we're just going to give you a quick version for now. Some of what we tell you is going to sound completely unbelievable, but Ryuu will be able to confirm later that everything we've said is true. I figure that Ryuu will be explaining much of this to Lord Lynx soon and so we have to explain it to you now. So, where do we begin?


Even touching only on the parts relevant to Jaze and Rhoskel, the tale told was still long and winding. Elektra and Tier had to insist, at the beginning, that they all not attempt to tell the story at the same time, for the cacaphony of voices chiming in a half sentence at a time became confusing to even the storytellers. For that, Adell took over most of the story with only the occasional interruption from Kaoru when he forgot something important. By the end, Jaze's family could only gawk in disbelief.

Adell: There's a lot more and it gets a lot weirder, believe it or not, but that's the important part for now. Ryuu will be able to show you everything. We found out that as a white dragon, he can absorb our memories and share them with others.

At that time, Tier raised his paw.

Tier: I have a question. A long time ago, I had a dream that felt ridiculously real with me and Jaze sitting on a rock by a river, fishing. He told me that he was in an awful place and it ended when he found a giant bird thing on the other side. You never mentioned it in your story, but was that real? Honestly, it was the only thing that kept me going until now.

Jaze clasped his knees together and looked into his father's eyes.

Jaze: That was real. I remember all of it.

The tender moment was short lived, however, for the sound of the door across the room opening interrupted everything. Slowly, Lord Lynx emerged, with his head held low, followed closely by Ryuu, with a comforting hand on Lynx's back. Lord Lynx took a deep breath and surveyed the room, catching Jaze's eye. Jaze tensed as Lynx made his way towards him. Even though Ryuu attempted to reassure Jaze with a comforting nod that all would be okay, Jaze mentally prepared for anything while both his mother and father put their arms around him in a show of support.

Even when Lynx kneeled in front of Jaze, he was still considerably taller than he was, towering high enough over Jaze to cast a shadow over his entire frame. From here, Lynx reached out and pulled Jaze into a tight hug.

Lord Lynx: You were so good to my Rhoskel. Thank you.

Commissioned art in this episode from:
Atomic Clover
Kurama chan

All city pictures from SimCity 4

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