Extra Characters

Here are some extra characters that you won't find in the profiles. Remember, if you haven't read as far as the current episode, you may be in for some spoilers!

Adell and his rock powers

Adell brings a rain of stone ruin.
Image by Catnappe143

Artemis and his holy powers

He may not be as intimidating, but Artemis looks good when he's bringing on the healing.
Image by Bihve

Kaoru and his water powers

Care for a drink?
Image by Catnappe143

Jaze and his fire powers

Burn in Hell.
Image by Catnappe143

Kagurain and his electric powers

Not Emperor Palpatine.
Image by Catnappe143

Toma and his wind powers

Our living leaf-blower.
Image by Ensoul

Jaze and Toma

Jaze and Toma... animated! :)
Image by Miyumon

Jaze and Toma

Jaze and Toma chibis... again!
Image by Jenova87

Jaze and Kaoru

Kaoru loves to play with Jaze's tail.
Image by Kurama-chan

Reuli and Wolfram - Best Friends

You've seen them separate in their profiles. Now, here they are together!
Image by Iniphineas

Jaze in brief

Jaze is showing off his assets!
Image by Catnappe143

Jaze and Toma under the stars

Jaze and Toma share a moment on Tokkastria.
Image by Atomic Clover

Jaze on Halloween

Jaze and his naughty Halloween outfit.
Image by Yokufo

Artemis on Halloween

Artemis and his mad scientist Halloween outfit.
Image by Yokufo

Toma on Halloween

Toma shows off his Halloween costume.
Image by Yokufo

Tokki kids! Guess whose they are. :) Oh, but one isn't completely Tokki. Can you find him?

Images by xxx-teddybear-xxx