Profile - Lianne Leingod

Name: Lianne Leingod
Age: 19 at the beginning of Carpathia II and 46 in Carpathia III
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bi
Commissioned from: Ensoul

Profile: Lianne is the brother by adoption of Veritas and Shuichi. He and Shuichi get along well, but are very much opposites. Where Shuichi is extroverted and energetic, Lianne is very introverted and enjoys his quiet time. When he was young, he lost his arm and leg in a building collapse. Receiving a new set of mechanical limbs is what sparked his interest in technology. He loves to spend endless hours tinkering with them. He is the father of Artemis Leingod.

Lianne currently runs his own technological research lab.

For more information about the humans, visit the Species Page.

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