Profile - Ryuu

Name: Ryuu (His real name is unpronouncable by humans)
Species: Dragon
Age: 274
Sexuality: Unknown
Commissioned from: Miyumon

Profile: Despite his age, Ryuu is emotionally the same maturity as the other characters. In dragon terms, he's a late-teenager. He's very wide-eyed and curious, interested in all things human, particularly the gender dichotomy. This is because dragons have no gender and simply use the gendered pronouns with which they feel most comfortable. Ryuu is the first dragon ever encountered by the Carpathians.

Ryuu is 75% white dragon and 25% red dragon. As such, he's telepathic and he has minimal fire-breathing capabilities. Ryuu can read minds, but only when they are in physical contact with the other. It is, unsurprisingly, considered quite rude to read another's mind without permission.

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