Shock Therapy

Rune Lake, New Berengaria, Rune Lake High School

Adell and Mitani relaxed at one of the tables between the buildings after school. Both of them wondered where Jaze and Toma were. They hadn't come to school all day. They wondered, even though they suspected the answer. Kaoru was missing too, but they already knew the reason for that.

Adell: Would've been nice to have a day to ourselves for a change.

Mitani: Yes, it would've been.

Artemis: What are you two talking about? You are having a day to yourselves!

Mitani: We mean without you, idiot!

Artemis leaned in closer and smiled devilishly, practically daring Mitani to try and punch him.

Artemis: Oh, psht. You're noisy, aren't you? I could fix that.

Mitani gave Artemis a piercing glare.

Mitani: If you could get near me.

Artemis: Oh, tough guy! I have plenty of ways to incapacitate you, even from 500 yards away!

Adell: I think you've met your match, Neige.

Artemis: Mwa ha ha ha!

A distant figure waved at them and rushed towards the table.

Adell: Uh oh, it's Kaoru.

Mitani: Again? He must enjoy pain.

Kaoru rushed up to the table, out of breath. He looked normal overall, except for the large black band with a flashing red light around his arm.

Kaoru: Hi!

Adell: You're putting your life on the line by being here, you know.

Kaoru: I know. I just needed a minute away from her.

Mitani: Look, I know it's only been a day, but Johanna is clearly batshit crazy. Why are you staying with her?

Kaoru suddenly smiled as his eyes lost focus as though he were recalling a fantastical memory.

Kaoru: Johanna can be very... persuasive. Hee hee.

Mitani: Did you just giggle?

Artemis: He giggled.

Kaoru: No, I di...


Kaoru: AAAAAAAAA!!!!


And Kaoru collapsed to the ground in a steamy heap. The others simply stared matter-of-factly, making no effort to offer help.

Mitani: He's down.

Adell: Again.

Artemis: Shouldn't you call the school nurse or something?

Mitani: We did. Twice already today, in fact.

Adell: Didn't seem worth it anymore after the third time.

The steaming heap on the ground that was Kaoru groaned.

Kaoru: Ooooohh...

Johanna: THERE YOU ARE!!!

Everyone jumped and turned at the same time. From behind, Johanna came stomping towards the table in a rage. She had a small remote control in her hand, the style of which matched the armband that Kaoru was wearing.

Johanna: I told you, you're mine now! You don't need these cretins anymore!

She grabbed him by the back of his hoodie and yanked him to his feet.

Johanna: Come, boyfriend! We're leaving!

The others watched as Johanna dragged the still-dazed Kaoru away.

Adell: Where did she get that armband anyway?

Artemis: I made it. She must've stolen it. I never tested it though. I'm pleased that it works quite well!

Mitani: You are one crazy little shit.

Artemis: Mwa ha ha ha!

Adell ignored Artemis and looked at Mitani.

Adell: Think Jaze and Toma will be back tomorrow?

Mitani: No idea, but one of them is gonna be walking funny when they get back. Ten ren says it's Jaze.

Adell: Ten ren says it's Toma.

Artemis: I'm in! Ten ren says it's both!

Both Adell and Mitani looked incredulously at Artemis.

Artemis: What? It's the only choice left!

Commissioned art in this episode from:

All city images from SimCity 4.

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