Alternative Scenes

You won't find these scenes in the story! Some could happen. Some are entirely non-canon, but are fun to look at!

Kaoru and Quilyon

Kaoru shows Quilyon what Tolkien elves are like. Reuli seems uninterested.
Image by Catnappe143

Adell and Artemis

Adell teases Artemis with a toy mousie.
Image by Zelbunnii


This was just for fun. Everyone getting together to sing the Run DMC/Aerosmith collaboration of Walk This Way.
Image by Iniphineas

A visit to the hot springs

Nothing like a wild night at the hot springs.
Image by Ensoul

Dat Ass

I got my quarter ready!
Image by Catnappe143

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Again, not that this would happen, but the eyecandy is great!
Image by Catnappe143