Carpathia III: Epilogue 17 - Vibrator Bunny

New Berengaria, Dr. Traverse's Cabin

Hit by sudden blast of air conditioning and wiping sweat from his brow, Jaze entered Dr. Traverse's cabin, followed closely by Kagurain with his spear. Though the hit from the air conditioner was jarring, the smell of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove was strong and pleasant, even overpowering the usual cedar smell that typically permeated the entire house. Not long after Jaze was dropped at the house, he met Seki, Dr. Traverse's unusual housemate, a golem whose body was made entirely of stone, and it was he who was slowly stirring the simmering sauce.

Jaze: Oh, that's smells good!

Seki: It should be done soon.

Jaze moved near the stove and had a long sniff over the massive pot containing at least two gallons of bubbling sauce, which made him forget much of his weariness immediately.

Seki: You can sit down if you like. I'll let you know when it's done.

Jaze didn't need to be told twice, for though the smell of the sauce was indeed invigorating, only a good rest could cure his wobbly legs. Together, with Kagurain, he had a seat on the couch in the living room.

Jaze: How do you feel? Are you getting better?

Kagurain: I think so. Yellow dragons are so fast! She's hard to hit.

Jaze took a deep breath and wearily sank further into the couch.

Jaze: I understand why the dragons chose her to help me. She's so fast, I can hardly hit her even when I'm transformed. Of course, her scales are so tough that I can barely damage her even when I do hit her. I can go nuts without worrying about anything.

Jaze leaned forward and took a handful of nuts from a bowl on the coffee table.

Jaze: You did well too, deflecting the dragon's lightning with your spear.

Kagurain squished his shoulders into his body and tapped the ends of his fingers together.

Kagurain: I think she was going easy on me.

Jaze: Probably. She is a dragon, after all. And what about you? When are you going to start wearing shirts?

Jaze playfully poked Kagurain in his ribs, sending him contorting into fits of giggles.

Kagurain: Hee hee! Shirts feel... hee hee! Strange!

Putting an instant end to the roughousing was Dr. Traverse, stomping into the room in his usual, unsubtle manner.

Dr. Traverse: If you two little ones are that antsy, maybe you need your diapers changed.

Jaze stopped poking Kagurain and grinned slyly.

Jaze: The only one likely to be in a diaper around here is you.

Dr. Traverse suddenly stopped in his tracks and ruffled his moustache before turning to squint at Jaze with his mouth cocked to one side. Jaze returned his glare with one of steely defiance.

Dr. Traverse: Hrmph. Well, at least that dragon got ya outta my hair most of the day. Where is she anyway?

Jaze: She already left.

Dr. Traverse: Just as well. I don't have a dump truck full of ravioli to pour down her gullet anyway. I hope this is all worth it. You gettin' any better?

Jaze stood, facing Dr. Traverse as he rolled up his sleeve. Holding his arm in front of him, he concentrated for only a few seconds before his hand morphed, his fingers drawing long and spindley and his claws extending several inches. Dr. Traverse raised an eyebrow, which, for him, showed that he was very impressed indeed.

Jaze: I think I have it under control now.

Dr. Traverse: Got yerself quite a nose picker there. Two weeks and you gotta show some progress, I guess. Anyway dinner's ready if you got yourself an appetite.

Having clearly heard, Seki stopped stirring the large pot of spaghetti sauce and, in a humble, yet impressive display of strength, picked it up with one hand and began to slowly carry it to the dining table. Just as he put it down, the doorbell rang, sending Dr.Traverse into his usual frenzy.

Dr. Traverse: So help me, if that's Lord Fuzzbutt again, I'm turning him into a rug!

Dr. Traverse stomped heavily to the door. Expecting to see Lord Lynx again, he flung it open, but instead encountered a black, floppy-eared blur that hurtled toward Jaze with alarming speed, tackling him hard enough to push him into the couch which tipped over backward. Completely unflustered by the crash, Toma gripped Jaze tightly.

Toma: Hi Jaze!

Jaze was not only taken aback by the tackle, but by Toma's appearance as well. Toma wasn't just smiling, but grinning even. Though Jaze rather liked this role reversal, he was still unnerved a little by this sudden change of personality. What's more, Toma felt as though he were vibrating. Straining to look up through Toma's tight hug, Jaze caught sight of Toma's tail wagging like a power sander.

Jaze: I didn't know tokki could wag their tails.

Without addressing Jaze's statement, Toma sat up, perched atop Jaze's groin with his arms on Jaze's shoulders and still grinning ridiculously.

Toma: We should get married!

Things were now happening so quickly that Jaze barely had time to build an emotional response to any of it.

Jaze: Yes. Yes, we should do that.

Once again, Toma threw his arms around Jaze's neck and hugged him tightly. Toma's tail, still speedwagging as it was, still caused him to vibrate and was now beginning to cause a stirring in Jaze's pants.

Toma: I love you!

Just then, Jaze noticed Kradik standing over the two of them, his face strained from trying not to laugh.

Jaze: Kradik, does this have something to do with the treatment?

Kradik hastily cleared his throat and did his best to put on a more serious face.

Kradik: The treatment has been known to cause personality changes sometimes, but I don't think that's what happened here. Toma and I had a long talk about him, you, and your future together after I came to pick him up.

Jaze couldn't think of much more to say other than an interjection of surprise.

Jaze: Oh!

It was then that Dr. Traverse, standing over them with his hands on his hips, added an interjection of his own.

Dr. Traverse: Hey! If you two are going to have sex, find a room. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get jizz out of a carpet?

Jaze only had a moment to mull over how Dr. Traverse might know something like that when Toma sat up again.

Toma: That's okay. We can do that later.

For a moment, Toma tried to stand up, but Jaze immediately slapped his hands on Toma's shoulders, sitting him back down on his crotch, quite sure that everyone would notice what was surely Jaze's very conspicuous bulge if Toma were to reveal it.

Jaze: That's okay, Toma. You can just stay right there for now.

Toma happily returned to his seated position without question. It was then that Jaze realized that he was probably only prolonging the situation and it was not helping at all that Toma's tail was still going at about 600 miles per hour. Even worse was that now there was another observer, Lord Lynx. Jaze, now in the midst of a spectacular flop sweat, did his best to maintain some semblance of composure while also concentrating on making sure nothing happened down there.

Jaze: Oh, hi Lynx. Why are you here?

Lord Lynx: Good news, Jaze! We believe we've found Yseri. We're already prepping Carpathia One for the journey and Queen Maoh and Kuro are on their way to accompany us. I figured you might want to go too.

Jaze: I would, yes! When do... um... when...

It was now impossible for Jaze to compose complete thoughts in his head, much less create complete sentences.

Jaze: Toma... could you stop wagging your tail?

Toma did not stop, for lack of will or ability, Jaze was not sure, as all of this was new to him, but he was now rapidly approaching the point of no return.

Jaze: Toma... your tail... Toma... TOMA!!!

The others watched, as Jaze suddenly took a deep breath, holding it as he convulsed right on the floor. Kradik watched, grinning widely. Lynx smiled before turning his head away with his paw over his mouth. Dr. Traverse threw his hands in the air and walked away, mumbling incoherently. Kagurain watched, tilting his head curiously.

Finally, Jaze let out a gasp and heaved several times before returning to his senses, red-faced and hoping that nothing escaped his pants.

Jaze: Mind if I take a shower before dinner?

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