Welcome to Carpathia IV!

The story is under development and will begin soon! Until then, Carpathia III is still ongoing. For now, please excuse the mess on this page. As time goes on and things come together, links will start working and the old graphics will be replaced. Your patience will be rewarded!

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Carpathia IV will be a sci-fi spaceship adventure set in the outermost limits of known space in the Carpathia universe.

I update every Friday. However, there are times when things happen and there may be short delays. I'm just one person writing and maintaining this and I have my limitations. That said, if you find any issue with the site, such as broken links or other such things, do drop me a line using the contacts page.

Have fun!

Carpathia III: Crystal Shards Trailer from Carpathia on Vimeo.

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