Supporting Characters

These aren't the main characters, but they do have strong roles to play.

Name: Artemis Leingod
Species: Nekohuman
Age: 40
Sexuality: Bi
Profile: Artemis is married to Captain Amaranth of the NCCS Shadowdancer and also serves on board that ship as a scientist in weapons development.
*Classified Security Clearance Level 11* Due to encounter with a cosmic being, Artemis has the ability to accelerate life processes, acheive limited communication with animals, and does not appear to age.
Commissioned from: Thatwildmary

Name: Azrael
Species: Demon
Age: 45
Sexuality: Bi
Profile: Joined academy soon after arrival on New Carpathia 18 years ago.
Commissioned from: Jenova87

Name: Ksenva Lazmal
Species: Elf
Age: Unknown
Sexuality: Unknown
Profile: Ksenva is the first from the planet Vashara encountered by Carpathia.
Commissioned from: Jenova87

Name: Kuro
Species: Dragon
Age: 818
Sexuality: Bi
Profile: Kuro is the leader of the dragons.
Commissioned from: Thatwildmary

Name: Phobos Deimos Amaranth-Leingod
Species: Android
Age: 21
Sexuality: Bi
Profile: The original Phobos was constructed by Artemis with the help of his father, Dr. Lianne Leingod as a mini-android. He has since been given a new body with his original body contained within the chest serving as his brain. The smaller body can function independently if necessary.
Commissioned from: Thatwildmary

Name: Ryuu
Species: Dragon
Age: 296
Sexuality: Bi
Profile: Ryuu is the on-board emissary of the dragons for the NCCS Shadowdancer. He can change forms between humanoid and dragon. He is 75% white dragon and 25% red dragon.
Commissioned from: Thatwildmary (Dragon form) and Jenova87 (Humanoid form)

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