Known Nations of the Universe

All flag images mostly made by me. Assistance will be noted. Click for large size.

Nation: New Carpathia
Common Species: Humans and Nekomi
Planets: New Berengaria, Andrast, Venus (Territory), and Ramewet (Territory)
Fox image by Thatwildmary

Nation: Shenah
Common Species: Nekomi
Planets: Andrast, fully part of New Carpathia with special self-governing privileges.

Nation: Ramewet
Common Species: Humans, nekomi, bats, demons, elves, komodo
Planets: Ramewet, territory of New Carpathia

Nation: Tokkastra
Common Species: Tokki
Planets: Tokkastra

Nation: Draconis
Common Species: Dragons
Planets: Draconis

Nation: Vashtaran Empire
Common Species: Elves. Others unknown
Planets: Vashtara and many others.
Flag emblem by Colourbrand

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